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Acquisition by ESKER




To our customers and partners,

From our first, tentative steps into the world of EDI in 1992, CalvaEDI has sought to grow its business and develop its services to best respond to the needs of you, our clients.  Since the founding of our current company in 1997, we have extended our application many times and grown our staff from its two original developers to the seven persons who serve you now.

We have taken great pride in your steadfast support and encouragement.  Your continued confidence has, in return, instilled in us a sense of duty to you to ensure the long-term stability of our services and company.  To this end we have sought to find a partner with a complementary industrial activity, a leadership role in its market and with the financial resources and solidity needed for reaching this goal.

It is therefore with great satisfaction that we announce that this partner has been found, and that an agreement has been reached for the acquisition of CalvaEDI by Esker SA, based in Lyon, a company specialised in the processing and exchange of business information via cloud-based and automated document processing and with commercial activities around the world.  Esker's objective is to extend its existing services through the addition of EDI capabilities.

You may find further information about Esker on its web site, and the text of its press release, issued concomitantly with this announcement, through this link.

Our joint plan is to integrate CalvaEDI into the Esker group while maintaining its separate operational status.  In practical terms, this means no changes to our current service procedures - your contacts at CalvaEDI, our offices, our IP addresses, our applications and our tariffs remaine unchanged.

We believe that this acquisition is a great step forward for the future of our company and its services, and that it will enable us to ever better respond to your needs.

With our best regards,

The CalvaEDI Team